Private Photo Sharing – Why is it still broken?

Photo sharing is at an all-time high and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. With the slow demise of the digital camera and the rise of the smartphone shooter, every single one of us is clicked and our photos uploaded onto the web, whether we like it or not. The smartphone camera wars are raging, with every cell phone manufacturer is looking to lure you with more Megapixel cameras and promises of better captures. .

The daily Photo upload count across top photo sharing sites has now reached a mammoth 1.8 Billion(Source)! Yes, that’s true; nearly 2 billion photos every day more than what was clicked ever in entire 19th century.

Claiming the #1 spot are Snapchat and WhatsApp each with more than 600 mil uploads/day and not the Facebook’s and Instagram’s of the world.


With so many photos being uploaded on a daily basis, it comes as no surprise that people love sharing them among friends and family. There’s no better way to live the moment than by letting everyone know about it. But do you know that only about 12% of photos clicked are actually shared, even though over 60% of photos clicked are of friends/family?

And over 62% people believe that some of their best photos might be lying on a friend’s phone and  never have been shared with them!!

This could be attributed to some of the reasons below:

a. People’s increasing demand for privacy. Not all photos are meant for public sharing and most photo sharing platforms are too public e.g. Facebook, Instagram.

b. The platform divide between iOS and Android (the two major mobile OS) creates friction in sharing.

c. The innumerable options provided by each photo sharing app makes them even more confusing.

d. Limited number of photos that can be shared at a time

It’s great that you have easy options while clicking photos or editing them, but what about sharing them?

With more than 50% of your photos being of family and friends, it becomes all the more important that you give them the gift of memories! Why should they rot on your device when they can be shared privately with your near and dear ones to see and relish!

We’ve have thoroughly explored through several services and noted their shortcomings so that we won’t let you fall in the same trap. The future of photo-sharing is about to dawn upon us and we can promise you one thing; you will be blessed with a safe, private and beautiful manner of transferring and exploring the memories that otherwise just don’t happen!

Happy clicking till then!

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